Hello dear friends and customers of Genesis Group LLC.

We wanted to take a moment to let you know how we are handling the current situation of Coronavirus/COVID-19. In accordance with CDC recommendations we will be practicing some social distance during day to day business. Here’s what to expect from us:

  • We will remain open and will be regularly cleaning in all areas of our offices to help prevent any possible transmission of germs.
  • We will not be entering your home to keep our staff and your family safe from any spread of the virus.
  • Please know that instead of shaking customers hands, we will be greeting you with a warm smiling face.
  • Sick employees will be sent home until considered “clear to work” to also help prevent transfer of any illness.
  • Web/Email deliveries, for the time being, may be the main method of quote delivery. A time will be set up for a phone call review of drawings and quote in depth to satisfy any questions you may have. A FaceTime call may also be available if you prefer.

In closing:
Please understand that we are here to provide you with the same excellent customer service that we strive to deliver every single day. This is all under the consideration of our wonderful community that has supported Genesis Group for the last 17 years. We want to do our part in this community to avoid the spread of any harmful illnesses. Until further advisement by the CDC and the Colorado Health Department, we will continue with these practices. Thank you so much for your understanding in this matter.