1. Initial Site Visit & Assessment

The first step in our design process is an on-site project visit where we will get your vision for the project. It is important to Genesis Group that your design is not only beautiful, but also complements your lifestyle and budget. Your Outdoor Living Consultant will also collect property data by measuring existing structures and yard layouts while taking detailed notes and pictures. We will review HOA requirements, zoning concerns, building code requirements, and other technical aspects that come into play with any project.

2. Design Delivery

Using the data collected from the initial site visit, we create a custom 3D design concept that shows a real scale visual of what the finished project will look like. Your Outdoor Living Consultant will review the design and the quote with you. This includes reviewing samples and options for each aspect of the job and getting feedback from you.

3. Project Build Phase

The Project Manager and Foreman will conduct a walkthrough, talk through your design, and maintain constant communication to ensure every detail is met with excellence. Once the build starts, they both will make sure that the installation aligns with the design perfectly. The same crew will be on your project everyday till the project is complete and signed off on by both you and the Foreman.

4. Post Project Support

As soon as the crew completes the project the foreman will complete a final punch list with you to assure everything is to agreement. Once everything is finalized, the one-year warranty begins. We pride ourselves in post project support and will continue to provide above and beyond service.

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