Initial Site Visit & Assesment

Our first step in the design process is an in person home visit where we will gather information about your home and begin to discuss your vision for the project. Our Sales engineer will collect data by measuring existing structures and yard layouts while taking detailed notes and pictures. Finally, our team will provide with a complete overview of Genesis Group and our commitment to excellence.

Feasibility Study

Simply put, we will work to make sure your dreams can become a reality. Our team will consider all of the factors that will come into play when building your project. We will review HOA requirements, zoning concerns, building code requirements, and other technical aspects that come into play with any project.

Initial Design Delivery

The initial design phase is where we enter the data we collected from the initial site visit in our design software to begin exploring a variety of options for you. This phase involves creation of a custom 3D design concept that gives us the necessary data required to produce an accurate budget that meets your dream project.

Quote & Design Delivery

A week after the initial site visit a Sales Engineer will deliver the completed quote and design to your location. The quote generated will cover all foreseeable costs related to the project. Our team will preform a design presentation and cover all aspects of the project until you have a full understanding moving forward.

Review & Selection Meeting

Having received accurate budgets for your custom design and being comfortable with the investment required, our Sales team will meet you on location to make changes and tweaks to your liking and to check out a variety of samples and options available.

Final Design & Agreement

This stage is typically, but not always, tied into the Review and Selections meeting. We will dot every “I” and cross every “t” to finalize your project’s features and details and create a detailed agreement and a 10% deposit to put your project into our schedule.

Preliminary Project Start

You will receive an introductory email from our Project Coordinator explaining the project details and to help set up a login for our Customer Portal, where you can track the project, see pictures, sign off on material and make any changes as the project proceeds. Also, the projects Sales Engineer and Foreman will have a walkthrough to make sure every person is on the same page before the project starts.

Project Start

After the preliminary check list is complete and the project date has arrived our in-house crews will be well informed on the project and will get to work immediately. The same crew will be on your project everyday till the project is complete and signed off on by both the customer and the Foreman.

Warranty Start

As soon as the crew completes the project the foreman will complete a final punch list with you to assure everything is to agreement. Once everything is finalized, the one year warranty begins. We pride ourselves in post project support and will continue to provide above and beyond service for the warranty period.